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Canada offers a high quality of life with access to world-class healthcare and outdoor recreational activities Canada is a great option for Pakistani students interested in gaining a degree, making friendships, or exploring new cultures and experiences’ Many students apply to  study in canada from PakistanThe Average Cost of University Tuition in Canada for  Undergraduate courses is around   $36,100 per year while Graduate tuition averages at $21,100 per year. 

 At M.R Consultants we specialize in advising and supporting students throughout the study abroad process. Our comprehensive resources cover all aspects of studying in Australia, including payment and visa processes, scholarships, and living expenses. We’ll even provide insight into Canadian  education system, cultural norms, and student life in various cities. Make the transition to studying in Canada  a smooth one with MR Consultants.

Why Choose Canada ?

High quality education

High standards of teaching

Multiple Scholarship Opportunities

Variety Of Courses‚Äč

How can we help you ?


How can we help you ?

Syed Nabeel Raza

Seneca College


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Sheridan College

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University of Essex

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